I've got the sun in my eyes


Istanbul, Turkey

I was in Istanbul for work. Here’s the prove. Everyone just love this one liner poster, “some of the world’s greatest things are made in Belgium”. Of course, they also loved the goodies we brought with us 😉

Some colourful quick shots from the market.

Lovely seafood?

Warm and friendly waiters?

Belly… ops “boobies” dancer? She’s only jiggling her boobs for 10 sec and asking for money again and again. Where’s that original belly dancers made popular in Turkey?

Well, this is also where we got ultimately excessively screwed! Damn these tourist suckers! Taxi drivers. Market people. Boobies dancers. Restaurants.

Well, Istanbul has lots to offer I suppose. Picturesque old mosques towering at every corners. Its fill to the brim with history but I was just there for couple of days so didnt had enough time to read and to discover. Perhaps I will come back again some day? Sense the hesitation? I am not too sure anymore as I felt the insincerity of people I came across there just tarnnished the impression built before I went.

It was just a real turn off!

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