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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone good health, prosperity and loads of happiness in this year of PIG!

I am sitting now in the BMI Lounge in Heathrow, waiting for the connection flight to Brussels. Well, lets just tell you about the ridiculous experience just now at the custom – crossing from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.

I was carrying a laptop bag and also a plastic bag with my tins of kuih kapet (love letters). As we were all entering the queue to screen our hand luggages, an officer was instructing that everyone is only allowed to have ONE bag, otherwise we’ll be thrown out of the airport. It was a chaos. Everyone was trying to figure. Well, so I placed my laptop bag into my plastic bag (with 3/4 of the laptop bag protruding out of the other). I hugged it because I couldnt manage even to hold the handle. But with that stupid idea, they accepted and I could pass thru the checkpoint.

Though I felt really silly huggin the plastic bag with a laptop bag sticking outta it. Its a funny sight! I’ll have to take a picture to illustrate it.

Anyway, I think they are getting overly obsessed strict and ridiculous. We had to remove our laptops from the bag, our belts and even shoes!

So you can imagine the long queue due to the very tidious process.

Otherwise, Chinese New Year was fabulous! Lotsa eating, drinking, little gambling (i have no luck this year!), visiting and meeting up with the family, relatives and friends.

We went 2 days to Singapore to visit my Nam who has became so chubby. He looks like a fur ball. Very cute. I just wished I had brought him to Belgium with me. He’ll be such a great companion. I do miss him so much!!

He had such a sad melodramatic expression when I saw him. I guess he misses me too.

We also went for 4 days to Langkawi. A very economicall trip booked via AirAsia. Lucky us that we didnt experience any delays for I’ve heard they are well known for their huge delays!

Though Langkawi island is rather quiet, the shining sun and the beautiful beaches are sufficient to make our holiday perfect. We sneaked into the Datai for a day. That was the most beautiful piece of beach. Fine white sand. Clear waters. And no jelly fishes (Urgh, I hate them).

Also, went island hopping for RM 35. There was an island we visited called Pulau Singa Besar which had a very beautiful beach and wonderful scenery plus clear greenish water. I thought it was very lovely except for the litterings. Sigh, I wish people will learn to love our environment more. Its a real pity.

It angers me also when I see the irresponsible tourists giving junkfood and can drinks to the wild monkeys. Firstly, its not good for their diet. And the monkeys are surely not smart enough to be sure the the packages and cans are to be dispose at the right bins.

Well, this trip has been more difficult for me to leave, perhaps its because of the thought for returning to grey cold brussels? thought to be again far away from the family and friends? I am getting homesick for the first time since I moved here last summer!!!

This is life! I have to work! And that starts tomorrow. Wish me luck for not falling asleep half way thru :S

4 thoughts on “Gong Xi Fa Cai!
  • Min-Wei says:

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Next time give me a tinker when you are back in Singapore 😉

  • Ms Teh says:

    Min Wei, I will I will!

    But this time its so short so I just came and went quietly!

    All the best for the year of PIG!

  • Duh... says:

    Talk about airports securities..

    Seriously.. I dono who to blamed. To Americans for having Bush as president, or terrorists for making all that happened.

    But truthfully.. flying hasn’t been all that rosy. Since then.

    Stupid procedures. Security security security

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