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Lately I’ve been spending all the teeny weeny bit of free time I have absorbing all the lovely and yummy food blog. Yea, I have been dreaming about food back home. And the food blogs just make it more and more desiring. It makes me drool!

Check it out. These are the usual ones I check (and I keep them listed in my Google Reader)

Little Corner of Mine – lotsa baking and local malaysian dishes

Lily’s Wai Sek Hong – lotsa malaysian cooking and also baking

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food – lotsa easy home cooking e.g bee hoon soup and mee hun kueh!!!

Authentic Malaysian Cuisine & Food – lotsa spicy malaysian cooking

Tonite, while I was drooling over my pc, checking out backStreetGluttons.Malaysia (always featuring yummy hidden corners in KL and Klang Valley), I came across a new blog – Living in Food Heaven by Jackson Kah. He’s from Klang.

As I was busy nosying about his blog as it contains many many ideas of yummy food to find in Klang. Many of the places I know and I am trying to store in my mind the long list I have now, so that I can go discover as many as I am able when I am back home. Sure to be fat!

AND recently, Jackson just opened his very own, Book Valley Cafe, featuring the most tantalising ‘Nasi Lemak Klang Special’… mmm

SO I was looking frantically all over for the address of his cafe. Found it. Trying to recall where it is. Name of the street looks familiar.

THEN, I recalled. And laughed to myself really loud. Book Valley Cafe is just beneath my mom’s dance studio! Such a coincidence! And this time back home, surely I will not lose my way to finding the drool-licious ‘Nasi Lemak Klang Special’ :)

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