I've got the sun in my eyes



Yea I am still alive.

I apologise profusely that I have been missing for a long while. There is so much I wanted to share, but time and mind is not keeping up with my wantings. I can’t remember what I wanted to write so much about. Then again, something will remind me, during all the wrong time when I do not have my laptop or a pen and paper with me.

Anyway, whats been happening? I have been lazy :) But trying very hard to shine at the first light, to be fresh and early to work. Yea, still trying after all these years :S

I have been trying to concentrate at work. But things have been bothering me like the renovation of my new house, arrangement to go home, a small holiday, dieting before the big festival, etc.

Yes, I am confirmed to arrive (I cross my fingers!) in a 3 leg flight, Barcelona – Brussels – KL. Pray that there will be no any hiccups or delays or … This year, we have managed to convince our dear mammy to cook :) And she will.

My mom is a wonderful cook. Too bad I didnt take that after her.

Yea, I’ve been trying out cooking the past weeks. Very sadly, it was major disaster. We had to settle for white rice and stir-fry vege only. My Egg-Curry tasted like egg in curry powder. My prawn fritter has not much fritters covering it. (I discovered that I did my measurement for the amount of water wrongly. So the batter was too thick and didnt stick to the prawns)

I’ve found some interesting website. I’ll share but in separate posts as I do not like my posts to be overly long.

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