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A Belgian Dish

Mmm, another post about food. I thought I should share about this very delicious vegetable only found during winter time called WIFLOOF. Not sure if this is the spelling in english. This is what I see on the tag in the supermarket.

I’ve never seen wifloof before in my life till I arrive in Belgium. Do we have it in Asia? I’ve grown to really really like it. Winter is gonna be over soon though :(

Anyway, this was my sunday dinner, perfectly done by Mr D.

Super-long Sausage from morning market

Wifloof – soft, smooth with slight hint of bitterness

Potatoes – boiled in special recipe

He also made a big pot of witloof soup. That’ll be my dinner for this entire week. Mmm.

4 thoughts on “A Belgian Dish
  • Anonymous says:

    I’m almost sure you can get witloof the entire year round in Belgium! My guinnea pigs liked it a lot! :-)

    Grtz Ellen

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear jaymy, nice that Mr. D lets experience witloof :-) I would like to see him cooking 😉 Wit loof or white leaf or in proper english chicory is typical Brussels and was orginally breed as a winter-vegetable, but nowadays you can have it the whole year around, just make sure it looks white :-)


  • Ms Teh says:

    Hehehe, ok, if I can get witloof all year round, I can ask Mr D to stop cooking witloof soup every weekend 😉

    Next time we’ll invite you over for dinner. You can choose on of the 2 themes : Asian or Belgie.

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