I've got the sun in my eyes


Winter never come?

Its funny weather lately. It is because Msteh brought the heat of Asia here? Bimbo-talkin :)

Really, I do worry a lot for our dear earth sometimes. The weather is weird. Here in Belgium, normally it should be cold cold snowing winter. But this week, the temperature was ranging between 10-14 degrees. Even the plants are getting confused. While driving yesterday, I saw blooming flowers at my right, and barren sticks at my left. And woa, the strong winds almost blew tiny me away.

I read somewhere, parts of America, temperature is 10-20 degrees higher than usual. Other parts, its crazy snow-storm. In Malaysia and Singapore, its raining cats and dogs.

Heck, I was wishing for my first complete white winter. Looks like Spring has arrive.

I hope the earth is not sick?

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