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In 2007, I want to…

My resolutions for 2007 :

.Be happy. Smile. Laugh. Hehehe.

.Strengthen faith, practise & study. Daily Gongyo. 30mins daimoku. Read. SGIB.

.Be healthy. Eat well. Exercise. Badminton. Gym. 50kg.

.Keep in touch with love ones and friends. Call. Write. Sms.

.Work hard and bring result in company.

.Save monies. $$$.

.Read. A book per month.

.Learn Flemish and French.

.Learn to cook. Try.

.Have a active blog with own domain name. Useful. Interesting. Inspiring.

.Master photography.350D is growing mushrooms :(

.MBA. Maybe this sept? First practise GMAT.

Lots to do. Try to keep it simple. I’ll work hard this year. Time is ticking away…

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