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Some Year-End Ramblings

Just pondering about 2006. What did I do this year? These days, I feel, the years are getting by quicker and quicker. Mmmh… Can we stop the time?

I still remember the days of my childhood, it seems to take ages to grow up, to be independent, to be free of curfew, doing as I like, going out etc… it just seems like a drag. Weeks passing by so slowly. I am forever looking forward to the weekends, lookin to my 16, 18, 21…

But now, I wish the time could slow down. I wish I can still be as carefree as before. Just about eating, going out, studying, exams, parties, chatting all night long. Though now I try my best to live life freely but its a fact and always naggin behind my mind, I need to be serious, stay healthy, work, bills to pay. Sigh.

Oh yea, I was just talking to some colleagues yesterday about few other people who took retirement. And in Belgium, when one retires, he/she continues to receive 80% of his salary from the Government till the day he/she dies. This is a good pension scheme for when we are at our 50s, very probable that the houses are paid for, kids are grown and the money is timely for life enjoyment, doing whatever we want then. Dining, travelling, volunteering etc. Then I thought to myself, when will be my turn… 25 years perhaps. Mmm, doesn’t seems so long he. Life is short! I am half way thru… yikes :)

Anyway, last night we decided to be carefree – went to a friend’s house, another friend joined, got good news that he is gonna be a papa, popped champagne to celebrate, ate anchovies, meatball, satay (european style), chips chips chips, played card games, 1 bottle Dominican Rum, 1 bottle Russian Vodka, 1 bottle Gin. 3 very drunk men. Till 4am! Phew, I thought I never can do this anymore.

Lucky, I woke up this morning, refreshed, no hangover and ready to take the world again 😉 It was fun, fun, fun!!!

Yippee, got a pair of tickets from eBay last evening (best buy again!), so packed our bags this morning and we’ll be counting down to the new year with my sister and some friends in London.

Happy New Year!!! I sincerely hope for all our 2007 to be filled with all the love, health, happiness that life has to offer. Kisses!

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