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Looking Back in 2006

What was in 2006?

.I travelled quite much this year, mostly for work. Switzerland. Bangladesh. Bali. Phuket. Sri Lanka. Amsterdam. London. Monaco. Nice. Cannes. Rome. Portugal. Madrid. Cologne.

.First ski experience on real (black) slopes. Fell. Twisted knees. Bah!

.Arrival of my god-daughter. Kaitlyn.

.I packed up and left Singapore. To Brussels. Vilvoorde.

.I got a new job. Sales.

.I miss you so. Pei Sze. H3lly.

.I ate horse meat uurrgghh… :S

.My new house is completed.

Err, I guess, not much was done yet a lot was done. Basically, looking back, the past 9 months has been a breeze.

** Wanted to write more but I couldnt find the time… so here I post a half-done review.

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