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Banking Stresses

For the first time since I arrived here, I tried to TT monies to my ma in Malaysia. Some urgent monies needed for the renovation of our new house.

So I did a quick research and thought I was just so lucky that my bank, KBC has just launched their tailored services for expats. They offer international transfer service. They claimed to be the best bank in Belgium.

Yea, but it was a shortlived joy.

2 weeks after I made the transfer, with every morning of calling to my ma, to my bank, to her bank… I received a lum sum of amount back to my account. I was shocked and then to realise that it was the money that I tried to send to my ma, but just a 100 euro lesser. Damnit!

Called my dear KBC. They told me they did all rights only, and the bank in Malaysia rejected the transfer pretending that my ma’s account is nonexistence. And they charged a bloody almost RM300 for finding this out.

Well, well I was pissed for I think I have read and reread and recheck my bank slip and my ma’s name and account number is absolutely correct.

Now what? And my bank say there is nothing they can do. Huh?

I was pissed. I felt deserted. Suddenly, I felt I understand why there are people who keeps their monies in an iron box beneath their beds. I lost trust in my bank. They do not protect my monies. They do not deliver a service promised.

A transfer service in my opinion is a service to ensure delivery till the end. It is not enough just to ensure what you did is correct but also to ensure that your partner is delivering the service on behalf correctly also. And that is the promise of a service to a customer.

Well, well :( So bloody dissapointed. 2 weeks of stresses. And what it cost is a bloody 100 euro.

And now, what I am doing? I take contact to the foreign bank myself to verify, to track the transaction.

And next? To close my dealings with my bank and to start afresh and anew with another.

That’s the way it goes in life he. Another chapter.

2 thoughts on “Banking Stresses
  • Anonymous says:

    Why do you use the bank?
    If your parents have internet/pc there is a perfect solution: paypal

    – Just my 2 cents,


  • Anonymous says:

    I was just going to write down “why don’t you use paypal.com??” But somebody else was quicker :-)

    x Ellen

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