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Weekend Dinner Dishes

This weekend, we have been cooking. I’ve been a really good cooking instructor. If you want the recipe, just ask 😉

Saturday’s Menu
White Rice
Beef and Bellpepper in Black Bean Sauce
Stir-fry French Bean and Carrot Strips in Oyster Sauce

Sunday’s Menu
Garlic Fried Rice
Ayam Temperah
Stir-fry Cucumber in Garlic
A-B-C Soup

Monday’s Menu
Chicken & Mushroom Bee Hoon Soup (from yesterday’s left over soup)


3 thoughts on “Weekend Dinner Dishes
  • Anonymous says:

    I volunteer to be the tasting guineapig… 😉
    No, I’m very interested in receiving your instructions! I love cooking, and love asian food, only don’t know how to prepare it…


  • Anonymous says:

    You should organize a series of Asian cooking lessons for us!!! Yeah!!! But nu chicken for me :-)

    x Ellen

  • Anonymous says:

    Only birds for Hélène….;-p


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