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Dream A Little Dream

Funny enough, every end of the year, I have this nostalgic feelings haunting me. Reminding of my passion and enthusiasm of what I write and vow to fulfill on every first day of the year.

Yes, the feelings haunt me because at the near of every new year, I was reminded that this is the year, yet again, swept past my feet, dreams forgotten, for I was in the entire year running after time.

Tonight I had a lovely dinner. Met Tania, was a ballet dancer, a dreamer and a lovely energy pot. Though she reminded me hard of my own dreams which I have yet to have the opportunity (or courage?) to fulfil.

For I am stuck in this race of time for money. Customers. Services. Invoices. Payments. Money. Business.

Is this what and how I want to live my life? Its only one lifetime we all have. I am aware of the principles of life, death and rebirth. Reincarnation. But only this lifetime, is the lifetime we are fully concious of.

And yes, thats important to be aware. To know. To think about. For every minute that pass by, is the one chance, single moment that we experience in this lifetime. For never another minute will be the same.

For I know, never another moment my ass will be that smooth baby ass that it once was. Or rather, it will not be in this conciousness that I will ever know.

Anyway, time to dream.

I love the world. I want to be a part of the big part. I want to teach the world to sing. But how?

Mmm… ** fingers tapping to a rythm that makes the mind drift away

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