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Progress Report

Wassup wassup?

– I am still deaf to both French and Flemish.

Though my Flemish classes will start next week. And I am making trying efforts each night in self studying French without my table lamp, under the shadows :(

French to me is a singing language. Its a beautiful languauge with a lot of intonations.

– My house is cleaned and clean.

– Laundry is remaining as a constant pile.

– Went to gym once.

– Sleep, work, eat, beer. That’s all I do.

Though I have a long list of things awaiting. Gotta start to write down my resolutions for 2007!

Perhaps this time I’ll manage to get my ass to it. Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

Though I would say living in Belgium gives myself more personal time compared to the days I was in Singapore. Here I found that I had more time to think, to self reflect, to connect with my innerself.

Because everything moves fucking damn slow here and I live in the tiny faraway silent town of Vilvoorde. Hehehe.

I like the winter nights at home, though my feet is constantly numb due to the cold and I have to wrap myself up with a big blanket looking like a begger. I think I am quite a sight when my neighbours look in on me from the windows.

Err, I am going for local Ghent play this Friday night. I think I’ll just gulp the beers and start to halucinate that I am indeed watching a pantomine.

2 thoughts on “Progress Report
  • Anonymous says:

    For French there is a GREAT Solution… Michel Thomas his language courses got even the biggest language nitwit (not you!!) talking their language.

    Leave me a message if you want to try them.

    http://www.michelthomas.com/ is the website.

    Ciao, Arnie

  • Ms Teh says:

    I’ve got it from you via the cool msn folder-sharing-thingy!

    I’ve load it on my ipod too.

    I’ll try it!

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