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My Golf

Oh yea, my new car arrived 2 weeks ago and he is a real beauty!

Manual gears :( but it has a sixth gear though. Never tried it out yet (I am a very slow driver)

And yes, it was a nice day – look at the little picturesque reflection!

Beige leather interior.

And a built-in bluetooth hands free kit. Very cool! Detects my phone automatically. When a call comes in, it stops the music and I listen to phone calls via the speakers of my car. Even display my name everytime it detects my phone.

Hehe, maybe I am being very ‘suaku’ but hey, its my first car!

6 thoughts on “My Golf
  • SuLee says:

    nice sleeky car, and i heard it s very economic when it comes to gas!!

    good choice – I THINK sixth speed is auto drive – so if you want to enjoy relaxing drive without changing gear u go for gear 6! is the latest technology!!

    Transmission: Five-speed manual (std.); Six-speed automatic (opt.)”

  • Anonymous says:

    Indeed very nice car!
    Now you’ll be able to drive fast to Mechelen to play some badminton with us…
    Olli and myself agreed we were going to play next wednesday at 20h in the Nekker sportscomplex.
    Feel free to join us and bring your champion Mr. D if he’s in town, so I can beat his *ss 😉


    P.S.: He’s got my number, but I’m giving it in case: +32486799661

  • Ms Teh says:

    Hey hey, do you have an extra racket for me?

    I have yet to buy one.

    But I really wanna sweat it out :)



  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, I have an extra racket if you need one, no problem!
    Just got an sms from Olli to ask if it was still ok to play. I replied it still ok for me, and that you might be joining us. So he will probably contact you today…

    See ya 2morrow


  • Ms Teh says:

    Aiaiaiia, I just realised tomorrow I have to go for a team dinner at Ice Mountain (wher-e-ver) :(

    So its a eating night, not sweating night!

    So sorry, can we make it next week???

  • Ping says:

    Oh wow baby, good choice!!

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