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My Birthday

I had one of the most lovely day ever.

I woke up early and was greeted by some very modern looking flowers.

Then I was seated at the dining for a nice breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice.

At noon, I went to the Kaikan to be officially bestowed as a SGI Belgium member. It was so very significant!

And my YWD leader gave me a cookie with a candle – to sing and make a wish. So sweet.

Then, Mr D swept me off to a mysterious place. In fact, it was planned for a rest and relax afternoon at the Dilbeek Therma – a sauna complex with jacuzzi, turkish bath, heated pool, sauna, verry hot sauna and sun seats. I was booked in for a suprise massage to start with.

Then lazed around the complex thereafter. In and out of sauna, pool, drinks at fireplace, feet dippin, sun bathing. But the best part was the super hot sauna and then the quick dip into ice cold water. It is a must try. Feels really really good.

Weird part of the place is that everyone has to be naked but nothing to fancy to see there. Mostly old people though. LOL.

Nevertheless, it was an experience to be entire day in my birthday suit on the very day.

In the evening, I was swept away to Suprise No 2 – cosy dinner at an old restaurant serving to-die-for lobster dish. Man, that was really good! Its a restaurant Mr D has been to since he was 4 for every special occassion with family.

Then we cosy up the rest of the night in front of the telly with me in my pink pj.

Mmm, I am lucky girl he. Happy Birthday to me :)

Ps : Sorry for those whose calls I missed. And thank you so much for remembering.

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