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About the Smile

Well, I was thinking last night.

The hypothetical question is that why we are able to smile to the world at any time but its just so difficult to do that at home with the ones that meant the most?

Mmm, I’ll keep this in mind.

5 thoughts on “About the Smile
  • Anonymous says:

    Because at home all your restraints fall down, no more barriers, no more façade…that’s why! At home you can be completely yourself, no need to put up an act…not even the smallest…


  • SuLee says:

    is interesting we were just having this conversation last night.

    those who we are allowed to let our steam off, those that we took granted off are often our love ones.

    we agreed to this as much as we hate to.

  • Ping says:

    guess what, i’m feeling this way now and it happens now and then. I’m looking for an answer to it too, sometimes we tend to take it lightly and smile then laugh but sometimes we are just too tired with all that. Do men feel that way too?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yup, men feel the same way, why wouldn’t we… Always keeping up appearances makes us tired too, and it’s at home with our loved ones we allow ourselves to drop the “façade”… But one thing I guess is harder for women (at least in my house) is to let go all the stress from the job or other worries, once your at home. I always have to tell her it’s me, and that I didn’t do anything to put her in this state… Maybe it’s just me, or maybe all men are like that…
    But the best thing to do when you get home is to leave all the outside worries at the door, and spend the first half hour or so together with the loved one(s) and make eachother feel really at home.

    Just a thought from a simple man :-)

  • SuLee says:

    It is true that we shouldnt take it out on our love ones, but taking it out and listening are two diff things, i can be yelling and complaining and put him in a position to listen as a third party. In return, i will really prefer him to do the same thing – in tat way, we are sharing and connected instead of keeping them inside, it is really unhealthy =)

    and then after that, we can spend the rest of the night making each other feeling at home.

    But to some degree I agree with you, after all, it is only a fine line between them, and trust me we crossed that line very often ;P

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