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Back to Frituur-land

I am back from the hectic trip. Two weeks and it does feel like a long time.

Anyway, most importantly, I am back, all recharged fully to take the world again :)

Not so true actually, cuz the cold weather is eating me up quickly. Its so fucking cold!!!

Though the winter weather gives a warm cosy feel in the evenings, lazing on the couch with a hot mug of MILO.

I’ll write more shortly once I sort out my baggages – instant noodles, dirty laundry, new clothes 😉 My camera is somewhere in the mess.

I hope all has been well when I was away.

H3lly will be missed terribly though.

4 thoughts on “Back to Frituur-land
  • Anonymous says:

    Hi frozen MS Teh 😉
    Just sending you a warm hello from Mechelen… I heard from Olli you’d like to play badminton one day. Feel free to contact me at jbeere@hotmail.com


  • Ms Teh says:

    Ah, my dear Belgians found me.

    Beers are pouring into me faster than the rate I am sheddin off my fats!

    So, quick invite me for a game anytime.

    And we have to do the dancing on the table in the pub again!


  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it wasn’t easy, but I found you…
    Just give me some time to get better, they just extracted 4 teeth under complete narcose, and I’m still living on painkillers…
    Anyway, next time I’m goin to a good party, I’ll contact you through Demetrius since I don’t know how to contact you otherwise, and we’ll have another blast!
    See ya soon,


    P.S.: And we’ll dance all night long, since I don’t want you to get fat ;-p

  • Ms Teh says:

    Ooh must hurt a lot! Take care and get well soon!!!

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