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The Violin Maker makes my lunch

Ah, today I went to lunch with my colleagues outside of the office.

Very quaint cafe – Le Beau Soleil. I like it.

The owner who owns the cafe, make the sandwich, bring the drinks and give you the bill is a violin maker. Really! Home-handmade violins.

Err, all violins are handmade ah?

Anyway, I find this little cafe very very interesting. Full of character. Very quaint. My kind of world.

Half of the cafe is a violin workshop. So you sit by the work bench with the tools and half-made violins. The place is decorated with yellow painted walls, huge picture of sun on the ceiling. And many many old pictures of people with violins completed the wall. And a very huge toasted panini with ham and goat cheese completed my lunch :)

Atmosphere is very homey. Feel like I’ve been invited by my violin maker fren to his home.

The violin maker himself looks quaint too – twinkle in his eyes, warm smile, curly brown locks and a pair of ‘beatles’ glasses. And my colleague told me he has one-of-the-kind of humor (they were speaking french, I am still deaf to it).

This will be my new hiddin corner. Whenever.

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