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Things I Wanna Eat

(Ok, I am trying to remember to do my situps everyday now!)

@ Singapore

Black Pepper Crab, Joo Chiat
Chicken Rice, Chicken Place
Char Kuey Teow, Zion Market
Half Boiled Eggs, Kiliney
Nasi Goreng Special, Shah Alam
Sliced Fish Noodle, Amoy
Prawn Noodle, Newton
Dim Sum, Lei Garden
Hokkien Mee, Atria
Sushi Tei, Paragon
Popcorns, The Cathay

@ Klang

My Mom’s cooking!
Seafood, Klang Seafood
Steamed Assam Fish, Kim Sua (Golden Mountain)
Fishball Noodle, Sri Intan
Oor Mee (Hokkien Mee), Bangkali
Bah Kut Teh, Taman Rashna
Dried Bah Kut Teh, Meru
Assam Laksa, Melawis
Mee Hoon Kuey, Berkeley
Steamed Fish in Ginger, whatever-the-name (near Pin Hwa)
Mee Siam, Aunty’s
Coffee, Toast and Curry Noodle, Cheong Ho’s
Indomee, Mamak Netbugs
Nasi Lemak, Eng Ann
Durian Durian Durian (Is it the season yet?)

Food at my hometown is damn damn good!!! Anyone going to Klang, can always call me for directions. Anytime.

There is also always an option to take a 45 mins boat ride to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) – a whole fishing village built on stilts. Fully equipped village with schools, cinema, snooker, karaoke, shopping, motels etc. And seafood there is also fabulous! (Ehe, sounds like I am doing some adverts for Klang)

Any tips for makan in HK? I’ll be there the week after. I only know Dim Sum, Dim Sum and Dim Sum in HK.

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