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I went out by myself

Oh yea, today I went out by myself :)

Almost didnt make it but I was glad I did. In fact, I was so busy at work that I cancelled the appointment at 5pm. Well, by 7pm, the entire office was empty and dark. So I decided to leave.

As I walked to the carpark, I thought to myself, why don’t I give Kathy a call to see if she’s still available? So I did and she was.

So I fixed up my GPS and drove by the ear (listening to instructions – Turn LEFT 100m ahead. Turn NOW. Bla bla bla)

Ehe, arrived to my destination but I didnt know where I should park. So I did in total 4 u-turns before deciding to park on a bend. Err, I know but I didnt get a ticket :S

We did together 1 hour of chanting. Very enlightening!

Then we read together a passage from a book. We just picked it randomly.

It was about PUNCTUALITY. What-a-coincidence! :S (Feeling wee-bit guilty)

Ms Teh is also Miss Late. This entire week I have been late to work. I’ll keep that message in mind and try my very best from now on (cross ma fingers)

On my way back, my GPS took me for a joyride. It felt like I went halfway around Belgium. Was zig-zaggin in dark alleys. Then voila, I was on the highway. But 8km. 12km. 9.6km. 5km. WTF!

I was in Brussels. Only 15km from my home.

Stupid GPS or stupid user? :S

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