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Friday where?

Where? Where? Where?

Damn, I am like a little kiddo can’t wait till the morning of Christmas to open all my BIG pressies :)

I am coming home to hot hot hot Singapore!!! (Its getting fucking cold here… brr)

Well, some say Bala sucks. Some say here. Some say there.

Non of cyber frens (if MsTeh ever has any!) gave any comments. So I don know if anyone will turn out to suprise me? Pssst…. I love suprises!

Anyway, Mr S has exclusive party venue. So there we will be.

Monty’s @ Boat Quay. Code name MsTeh to MsJune.

Then afterthat we go St-James-Power-Station. Dunno where is that la. Anyone know if thats a cool place? Otherwise, we will cabut and go Zouk la.

So if you are looking for me, these 3 places are the clues for the hot night.

Anyway, where there’s drinks, there’s where the party.

If you are lost, call me!

One thought on “Friday where?
  • Proximus says:

    St Jame’s Power Station,

    Lastest Club in town. Suppose to be as hot as Zouk and MOS – opened only for 1 week or 2.

    Its located at the new Mall in Singapore – HarbourFront City across Sentosa =P

    I think should be HAPPENING!!!!! eventhough everyone says happening!!!!!! but usually I dun see anything happen leh …

    Maybe I am blind or not in the circle of whatever happens =P

    Super Long this weekend ^^ Welcome Home

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