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Blue Skies

I was in Rome on Monday evening. As the taxi drove me to my hotel, we passed the magnificent Colleseum. It was a beautiful sight in the night. The lightings gave a very warm yet glorified, mysterious yet historical, calm yet nostalgic feeling.

And the next morning, I was in for a very pleasant suprise. The sky! It was so blue. Blue without a single cloud in sight. So blue that the trees with their leaves and barks stood out. All the building and ruins are like pictures with the perfect backdrop.

Then, it strikes me. The world is beautiful!

I have been swimming and drowning in negativity last weeks. How silly!

But its amazing how one’s mind is twirled and shrinked as negativity enfolds us.

And also I realised, I am not afraid to be alone. It was just how the negativity took my mind away and squeezed it thru a dark gloomy passage and gave endless of reasons to be miserable.

Anyway, trip to Rome was good. Reminded me again the pleaure of being with one self. Reminded me of my solo holiday trip to Rome in 2004. Reminded me of being me.

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