I've got the sun in my eyes


Wide Awake

I can’t sleep so continue to bla.

I think my last entry showed a very vulnerrable side of me. But what the heck, at least I am honest.

Life ain’t always bright and shiny he. Sometimes, there are dark and rainy days.

Whats most important is to know that nothing but ourselves, and no one but me is responsible for my own happiness.

Buddhism emphasizes that everyone must take responsibility for his or her own happiness. But often we resist changes within ourselves yet try our best to change others. Buddhism teaches that there is nothing we can say or do to change another person. People will change only when they are ready. The only people we have the power to change are ourselves.

By weaving this understanding into the fabric of our lives, we can begin to rectify any source of unhappiness at its most fundamental level. We will see that our inner transformation has the unfathomable power to help ourselves and others in ways that no other actions or words ever could. We will come to understand that we must take care of our own needs and feelings ourselves while being mindful not to use or abuse others in the process. It may take time and effort but, in the end, we will prove to ourselves that not strategy is as powerful as one based on self-mastery – qouted from Tarogold’s article

This is what I did today. To reflect, realise and admit that it is my fear of being alone that is what causing me unhappiness and I will challenge it.

I believe, to know that is power because in every turn of our lives, especially in the difficult ones, it is in our hands to bring a changement to our own lives.

And this is what I continue to remind myself each day.


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