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Voices In My Head

There are plenty of voices in my head. Non-stop? Anyone has any ideas how to make these irritating voices stop talking?

Whats make it worst is that they are injecting negativities into my mind, constantly, 24 hours! Even while I am sleeping.

It makes me slightly paranoia. Slightly on the edge. Slightly in a bad mood. And without a smile :(

Well, I guess, its just part and parcle of phases in life.

Perhaps a trip home might do me good? 😉 (No money la… sob sob sob)

Had a long chat with a good fren last night though. Couple of things he said, striked my mind. I guess, one thing for sure is, I need to take more initiatives in my own life here. I have been rather lazy and complacent, I guess. I need to put more concrete efforts in learning languages, in bridging and building bonds between people and not having a stereotyping mind. Be open, be happy, and spread it on!

One thought on “Voices In My Head
  • Arnie says:

    Heya.. Cheer up lah.
    Everyone has that period within the first 6 weeks – 4 months. The new thing is gone.. and then you start to realize how different it all is.
    One thing I DO recommend is learning the language. Even with my experience in Thailand I saw that only the people who truly learn the language got the chance to truly integrate. It’s an investment in the future. Though one. Take care and congratz with your sis. – Arnie

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