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Connecting people

Just as I was feeling a wee bit low down, I had the most interesting flight ever.

Well, going out here is taking a slight toll on me due the barrier of the languages. For I am no longer the chirpy person who makes being silly, laughin the loudest laughter, makin funny faces and constantly trying to create entertainment yet forming bonds between human.

Here, I felt I am just an invisible soul. Lost in the languages, I let myself drift away under the sunshine, dreaming of land where there is only beauty and perfection.

Well, I felt a bit lost in the web of friendship, or so-called friends or friends because we hang out quite a bit or in my own correctness, friends that I can’t connect. Front that I can’t be the real Jaymy because of the barrier of communication. Language!

And I started to doubt myself. Well, have I grown inwards? Have I become passive? Have I turned into a boredom? Or am I just a smiling manequin? A chinese one, for say.

Just a painting of a face on the shell of an egg. (You know, we use to paint faces on egg shell, but does it represent what is in the egg?)

Nevertheless, just as the saying goes, winter never fail to turn into spring.

On my way to Lisbon today, 3 whole hours flight, where 2 hours was spent debating within myself to challenge myself to prove that I do not have a communication defiency. That I am normal. That I can talk to people. That I communicate. That I still connects.

Well, after 2 whole hours, and with a very interesting and curious musing girl beside me, I couldn’t resist but to offer a piece of chocolate. That started a smile.

30 minutes later, I popped the usual ‘standard’ question, “Are you going for a holiday?” She answered. Then it was non-stop machine gun questionin, words, expressions, sharing, smiles, laughter and twinkles in the eyes. Yes, she has beautiful eyes. They talk silent words. She’s a sorta theatre actress cum independent producer, passion for living, driven to bring smiles to people on the street, to strike them out of normadom. A person with a big ‘YES’ for life. A girl who is constantly writing her dossier, no matter where.

Then a book in the hands of another caught my eye. Titled “Buddha”. Out of real curiousity, pathed the way through my doubts, my fears, my twisted tongue, I asked, “Why do you read this?”. And again, it sparked off a connection that I can’t explain. A bonding. A relation.

Beautiful person she is. Young, vibrant, happy with strong jest of life! And a looker. She was Miss Belgium 2005. In all the truest form, I think she represents very well the title. Apart from being almost a Julia Roberts with african/ india blood, its a full package she is. At least, that is one very good first impression I had.

And that’s where I was. Inspired again. Ready to take the world. To spread the smile. To bring happiness wherever I am.

Also, I realised, that is the basis of me. That is the cause I proclaim. Happiness.

“Happiness is the joy in others!”

And no, no barrier there is for me. Only of a mind limitin the self. Be it for even with body language, I will speak out to the world.

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