I've got the sun in my eyes



As she drove herself with the unfamiliar vehicle all over at wrong sides of the roads, her heart was beating with pure anticipation. To meet with strangers whom yet she knows of those familiar warm hearts and glowing faces.

A drive so short, felt like miles away.

The joy felt on the rythm of the chanting, those voices which speaks words she do not yet understand are those same voices which she hears the unison of the hearts.

When I arrived, I was pretty nervous. Ain’t sure where to park my big mama car. Managed to squeeze myself in a little corner, just enough not to block the garage of another. Took a peep thru my door just to see if I did give the car behind a bump. Lucky no. But a funny guy was laughing at my antics.

Then we found ourselves knocking on the same door.

I said, “Hello, am here for the meeting”. He laughed even louder. In fact he was estatic. “Its our first meeting. You are standing here – our very first new member. How wonderful!”

And he didnt stop chuckling. Throughout the meeting. A buddha he is, bubbling, glowing, warm and happy. As everyone else there. Even little sweet Emily.

Well, indeed a great start to my journey for sake of kosenrufu in Europe.

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