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Have You Confessed?

4 Sept 2006 – Madonna’s Confessions Tour.

I remember listening to her ever since, childhood, teens and till now, she till rocks. And she rocked Amsterdam Arena that Monday!

Woa, the lady was in command of her stage, turned the entire stadium into a discotheque-dance-club. It was a Powerful. Vibrant. Energetic. A gggrrreat show.

And she’s still a hot hot hot babe at 48!

Whats in Amsterdam? Canals. Chinatown. Tulips. Prostitution. Drug.
Concert in Amsterdam? Bars. Drinks. Beers. Hotdogs. Ciggs.

No kiddin, one can drink and smoke! And bars are at every corners. Cool eh!

The evening started with DJ Tiesto spinning. People were migling, dancing, anticipating her arrival… And there she was, emerging from within a huge disco ball!

In fact, tickets for the standing area would be fantastic (which is more costly). Just feel like being at a super huge dance floor of a club! I got tickets with fixed seating cause I expected a chaos. 60,000 people maa!!!

But I was nicely suprised – No fuss, no rush, no pushing. Everyone was cool and happy. Dancing, drinking and smoking away. Hehe.

The lady was in good mood. She was smiley, chirpy and relax.

She said, “I’ve been smelling a lot of funny smoke around here *smiling* It’s bad for my throat!”

Everyone screamed. 60,000

She chanted, “We are one, we are one, no more war, we want peace, no more blood, we want love, we want love, we want love, we are love….”

Everyone chanted. 60,000

She said, “Do you know that there are 34 wars going on in a world right now, and if I could stop only 1 I would do anything but I know that’s not possible but I want to show them that it is possible to be all together, no matter what country you are from or what religion you are under the one roof like we are now in one big harmony!” And she asked everyone to hug the person next to us.

Everyone hugged. 60,000

She stucked her ass to the camera and then stucked her middle finger in between.

Everyone went wild. 60,000


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