I've got the sun in my eyes


Peeping sun

I am bored. Can’t find some interesting blogs to read. The ones I like are either updating too infrequent, or having holidays or not writing anymore.

I have been reading her blog, Girl. She writes very well, witty, funny and yet sexy. Recently, she even published her very first book. Then, her identity was spit out by the nosy paparazzi. Well, I guess it was a hardtime she had to go thru so she stopped writing for a while. I hope she’ll be back soon!

Any other blogs to recommend to me?

Btw, Kenny’s comments about Merdeka Day is hilarious – especially the part about our dear King and the funny pinch about flowers at the end.

Its still cloudy here but I can already see the shy sun peeping thru the big grey puffy clouds. I think he should be brave enough to shine for this weekend. He better be!

Its a long weekend for me – 2 house parties on Saturday. SGI-Belgium Monthly Meeting on Sunday. Hop, wiggle and dance in Madonna’s concert on Monday @ Amsterdam. Yay!

Bon weekend!

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