I've got the sun in my eyes


Monaco : Monte Carlo

One of the days
(Stop keeping track of days because it was a holiday!)

We drove for an hour or so to Monaco. Its a small country ruled for 700 years by the Grimaldi family.

Area : 2 sq km / 1 sq miles
Population : 32,150

Sun. Glitz. Glamour. Rich. Famous. Expensive. Tax Free.

The very beautiful and impressive Monte Carlo. Damn, lots 40 bucks to the stupid slot machines. But now I dare say that Ms Teh was there, cashing “out” at Monte Carlo.

I’d say we have to have a drink there, in a very loungy bar just in front of Monte Carlo. Parked right in my view are rows of Ferraris and Maseratis and many others which are too expensive that I don’t even know em 😉

Just wanna checkout if the drivers are cute.

Well, who knows, maybe I’d get to blink an eye with Brad Pitt, Prince Harry or err Paris Hilton. But it wasn’t my night. Damn, 30 bucks for 2 drinks.

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