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Cote d’Azur : Antibes

Day 2

This day we went looking for real sandy beaches. Drove right up to the centre of Antibes but well, it was another narrow long beach full of merry-holiday makers. So can you imagine the noises surrounding you while you lay there looking at the blue blue sea! Fiewww – NOISY!

Took at walk in the evening at the harbour of the riches and their boats.

I did take some good shots eh?

Each morning, we walk to the centre of Vence to go to the bakery and market for fresh deals to make our meals.

Homecooked meals! Budget holiday la… but it was cosy and relaxing!!!

My most ingenius buy is the portable hotplate for cooking – just 25 bucks and it cooks our food well for the entire week, outdoor. Smart he!

The place we rented has a small terrace in front with a BBQ pit. I’ve never done so many BBQs straight in a week in my entire life!!! :)

Yummy! Yummy!

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