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Cota d’Azur : St Paul

Day 1

St. Paul is a beautiful medieval fortified village perched on a narrow spur between two deep valleys.

A view around St Paul.

Olive trees everywhere!

Pretty tiny wild flowers growing on the pathways.

Ooh, the willow trees always give me a sentimental feel.

The wall enclosing the village.

Typical pathway in medieval towns.

Hmm, enjoying the sunshine.

We went to the ‘pebbles’ beach at Antibes to laze and enjoy the sun. But it was very crowded!!! Imagine sunbathers lying less than 1m apart from each other!

But the colour of the sea – deepest blue I’ve ever seen, and above the line of the horizon, clear skies of a lighter shade of blue. Breathtaking!

With that in mind for consolation, we also squeezed ourselves in between the sardines of humans.

This picture was taken after the crowd has left though. I didnt wanna seemed rude because there was many boobies exposed earlier on.

There was a fireworks display that night on St Paul. After the fireworks, they lit up the entire village with red flames.

This pictures gives an eery feeling, as though people are trapped in a fire but if you look closer, all smiles on the people! Look closer!

Ah, all the little things in life that brings smiles.

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