I've got the sun in my eyes


Cote d’Azur : The Drive

The drive to find the sun.

It was a long drive but thankfully, we arrived all safe and excited.

I think starting off a long driving trip at 6am is an excellent idea. Supposedly to start at 5am but you-know-me :)

Anyway, 6am is perfect – one can start off driving with enthusiasm, 2 hours later as the boredom creeps in, one will feel the pang of morning hunger.

After a hearty breakfast on board, one can continue driving with fulfilment for another 2 hours till boredom kicks in again – then its lunchtime!

Eating is the trick.

Then before you know it – we have covered 700km :)

Well, we picked the wrong week – too many tourist heading to the same way. In fact, this week is a big holiday week so we were stuck in the jam for almost 4 hours.

But we were close to our destination!!! Damn.

Anyway, when I saw this I was estatic :)

When we finally arrived, the night has fallen.

We were tired but safe.

Didn’t have a gps but the manual gps (me!) navigated almost perfectly :)

It was a total of 15 hours LONG ride!

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