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Pole Pole

Last Saturday, I went to the Pole Pole, Latino Festival in Knokke with 4999 other people :)

We camped at a friend’s garden. Arrived at noon, beers, pitched our tents, beers, beers, beers…

Afer couple of beers, it was real fun to try to upturn each others innards by jumpin on the huge trampolin. But it was fun!!!

Although I feel really woozy after 5 mins :S

Then we hop by the Surfers’ club (where all the riches are) and had couple more drinks.

And people oogling. Then we went back to our gartel (garden hotel) and started our BBQ and had the most delicious ribs and salmon I ever had. Yuummyy!

At about 9pm, we moved on to join the crazy party at the beach till 4am!

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