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Ok, I admit I have new addiction – blog reading or rather blog breezing.

I can’t just help it. I can spend hours and hours breezing over the thousands of blogs in this world. Getting a tiny glimpse into others life.

Eventhough, I promised myself to stay focus at work, I can’t help but to sneak an hour or so to feed my addiction. And many long hours in the evening also.

There’s couple of blogs that I read regularly though – Karen’s, Zoe’s, Girl’s, Kenny’s and loads more.

Any theraphy to recommend?

Oh yea, Happy Birthday to Little Creature!!! 😉

And Happy National Day, Singaporeans!!!

2 thoughts on “Hobby
  • kumquat says:

    Thanks! This year they’ve put in more effort to be creative with the fireworks . After all, they’re tearing down the Stadium after 33 years.

  • Ms Teh says:

    Really tearing down the stadim???

    I guess new and more modern structure will be up soon!

    Yea, I heard about the fireworks. My friend even shot a video and emailed over.

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