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When I arrived at work this morning, I saw the usual – many mails of jokes, pictures or articles from friends and family. And this particular mail from my Godma’s sister struck me.

She sent me the experience of a friend, Angie whom I accidentally met up again recently.

Well, the story goes like this :

My housemate in Singapore was lookin for a Tech Consultant, after countless interviews, alas she hired Angie. My sister happened to see her pic on the MSN and thought she looks rather familiar. So my housemate just casually asked Angie if she’s from Soka and if she knows the Tehs.

And she did! So we met up for a yummy roast duck lunch sometime ago.

We were in the Student Division years back in SGM – practising the song ‘Achy Breaky Heart’.

Coincidence he!

And well, so knowing her made me read her experience with great interest. (Well, at times one can’t help to be a little nosy he)

Its about her struggle in her past relationship and how she managed to emerge again victoriously and happy.

Indeed, it is inspiring!!!

It just reminds me that everything wells from within. Suffering or happines. And that is our choices.

But it is easy to forget, admist the current of life. And thus, to fall into the gutter.

Thus, the practise of faith is what keeps one’s mind sane. The moment of calmness and reflections.

I will not post here the experience but if anyone would like a read, just drop me a mail.

I tried to look up here to see if she did posted it online. No but this site has collection of interesting and inspiring experiences from Soka members around the world.

Read it and share with me, the words of which experience inspired you most?

Oh yea, its work hours now… but normally I write during my lunch break. So no fret for I am no lazy bum 😉

But I gotta go now… loads of work to do :(

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