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Darkness In Life

Sometimes you just feel so low down in the gutter. All energy drains, all smiles left, all twinkle in the eyes lost and all colors of the world gone.

Its just one of those days.

The more you dwell, the deeper it goes down into the gutter.

And unreachable to anyone. Undecipherable.

BUT its only you and you alone could struck oneself out of it. Remember never to blame on anyone else, and not even one too close.

For me, I go back to my basics – faith and I never will succumb to that of the twisted mind.

To people around, please bear and hold on without anger, prejudices or doubts.

The happy self will return.

2 thoughts on “Darkness In Life
  • Anonymous says:


    Wah u sound like u need a ‘pick me upper

    Aiyah why like that wor? Don’t sound so down lar… There’s always good days and bad days and bad days will always go away so hang in there lar

    drop me a note with ur current email and I’ll drop u a mail that will make u smile!


  • Ms Teh says:

    D’tuk, thanks for your kind words :)

    Ma email is still the same. Jayteh everywhere.

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