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Bloody Expensive City!

Yes, it is LONDON!

To visit my sista! But poor me is broke now after a weekend there. Just the dirty ‘Underground’ cost me 4.90 pound / day * 4 = 20 bloody bucks! (= RM 120)

Ofcourse, some good monies spent on booze… hehe.

Nevertheless, it was good time I had la. Couple of friends was in town, just at the right weekend! So, we spent many hours chatting , eating and drinking like good ol times back home. Except, no mamak stalls in London!

Yes, I bought 2 pairs of ALDO shoes :) Couldn’t help it. They are so sexy!

London is indeed dirty and really hot as its summertime now, especially in the Underground. Its a moving sauna!

Marks of chewing gums everywhere on the pavements, walls and on the edges of your jeans (damn!) after a whole day of walking in the city. Singapore took the right decision to ban that sticky stuff.

Still, its an amazing city. Very quirky, vibrant and interesting. All kinds of people from every corners of the earth came and lived there.

Each time I go to London, I couldn’t help but feel rather invisible, like an audience watching a live fast moving play. People ain’t watching you. People are just too busy living or err… making a living.

I felt I could just dance, or jump or dress as tarty as I wish, and could just walk down the streets unpassed.

You know that feeling?

One can’t leave London without a good Indian dinner. And yes! Largest naan I’ve ever seen or ate :)

Just that the city is really filthy! Its disturbing to see. Perhaps everyone is doin, because everyone else is doin it.

Fellow Londoners, love your city and stop littering!

4 thoughts on “Bloody Expensive City!
  • Anonymous says:

    In Defence of London :
    Dirty :
    Yes London – in parts is dirty. Too dirty.
    It is dirtier than Singapore (yes, chewing gum ban was good – but then, minimum wages and rights for menial workers like cleaners, also good – I think)
    London is however cleaner than KL.
    It is also cleaner than Brussells – not the nice suburbs, but proper Brussels.

    Also, it gets dirtier in the summer – with all the bloody tourists hahaha.

    Price :
    It is expensive. The Number one City in the world, but only 5th most expensive city – thats a bargain!!
    Anyway, beer is cheaper than in Singapore.
    By the way – the weekly travel card might have been cheaper.

    Feeling Invisible :
    Jumping around and dressing all funny hmmm… you did that in Singapore – whats the difference hehe :-)

  • Anonymous says:

    In fact London is SO good, I left 😀

  • abuChak says:

    U’re in lurve with indian food huh! Will have to go mamak with you then when you come back to m’sia.

  • Ms Teh says:

    Aha, longest comment I’ve ever gotten!

    Good, shows that you guys are reading me!

    BUT for the dressing part, wait till I am back in sg, I’ll kick your ass 😉

    Oh yea, I miss mamak and my macha!

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