I've got the sun in my eyes


What do you think of Belgium?

I think I have gotten this question for a zillion times since I’ve been here.

Well, thinking back, this is also one of the question I used to ask any foreigner that I’ve met for the first time in my home country. (So, wei, let’s quit asking this lame question!!!)

Because now I know the feeling.

Its damn irritating! Eheheeh…

But I’ve got a standard answer now. And even could anticipate the standard response!

Well well, what could one say when being asked of that by a homelander? Of course, one has to say with the glee of excitement that ‘ooh, I love it here!’. And go on about the weather, the food and bla bla bla.

Well, well, I just wonder when will be the day I will never have that question anymore!


But on the upside, it is, in fact nice that people try to talk to me. But well, conversation couldn’t be carried out too far due to the barrier of languages.

I do miss a lot the lepak sessions late night at the mamak with ma buds :(

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