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Private Pool Party

Pre-party drinks at ma place again :)

I can’t help it – just love playing host and seein people enjoyin the foodies and drinks.

Talk about the next-day cleaning another day ok! Ahe.

We were invited to a private pool party. It was a cool party. Drinks aplenty, hot chics, fantastic DJs spinning (I got a free cd… heheh), dancing people, jacuzzi and of course, a pool! So, at 4am, people started jumping into the pool and having fun.

Don’t ask me what kind of fun 😉 Me didn’t see any hot scenes. Too bad!

We partied right up till 8am! Fieeww, there was a moment – caught me in amazement, there I was dancing to the beat, sipping ma whiskey soda and the sun coming up on my right, the moon leaving the scene on my left.

Crazy party people in Belgium!

One thought on “Private Pool Party
  • abuChak says:

    Other than language barrier that you face, you seem to be having fun too. Wish I could have a life… I feel like I’m dead/lifeless.

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