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Going out

We are indeed party people!

Thursday @ Carre – Very crowded huge dance club with loud music booming away, swirling colored lights, ultra-flexi dancers, fireworks, expensive drinks, beautiful people and even a violin player fiddling to the fast beats. Supposedly very poshy and only good looking ones gets to enter. The bouncers there are HUGE men! Also, I got in! :) But alas, in there was way tooo hothothot!

Friday @ crashed in bed.

Saturday @ Werchter Classic – There was Bryan Adams, Sting, Simply Red, Simple Mind… playing in this music festival. 80k people in the big field! Woa, the feeling was exhilarating. Lost in the sea of humans!

Sunday @ Brussels – Joined the crazy crowd in Brussels to watch the final match and cheering at La Bourse thereafter. There was police everywhere but yo, they do look lost in the mass of cheering happy dancing people with the italian flags, football horn, whistles and fireworks.

Still much lined up for the coming weeks – London to visit me lil sis, Antilliaanse Feesten, Pukkelpop and whole loads of other music fests, Ibiza, South of France, BBQs and Madonna concert!!! 😀

Phew, I hope I will be able to keep with it but at the rate the beers are filling me, I think a potbelly will form soon! :S

** She makes a mental note to always have her camera next time round

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  • Anonymous says:

    Going Ibiza! !?!? wow.Jealous.

    Who sang ‘woah, we going to Ibiza….woah, wer’re gonna have a party’ ..or something ?

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