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Getting on

Well, an update on how am I getting on here.

Might seems to be all fun but well, there is also lotsa challenges and I foresee more to come. Of course, there were times of ups and downs.

My biggest challenge is the languages. Understanding people and forming bonds is almost impossible now, I guess due to the missing bridge of a common language. Therefore, the more I should push myself to learn, at least, flemish to start off. And I am determined to at least be able to understand what is spoken within 6 month! Too aggressive timeline, you think?

Next, the new job! Sales is entirely different and indeed challenging. So many news things to learn. Well, I took the decision for the move so I will do my best. And I want to be the best and I will be!!! :)

GOOD NEWS – after weeks of calling SGI Belgium, I finally managed to speak to someone. Seems like every Saturday morning there is daimokukai at the kaikan. And a meeting on every first Sunday of the month. I will go there this saturday! :) Strive for kosenrufu, yeay!

What else, err, started running in the evenings. Wanna do it every evenings but so far, its only 2 times in 3 weeks. Gee!

I’ve also been cleaning the house weekly. Its spotless and hairless.

Next on the list to do – to plant lavender in my lil garden :)

Oooh, how I miss my crazy friends in Asia, the karaoke-ing, the Zion char kuey teow, nights at mamak stalls and me little Nammie! :(

Well, well, gotta be happy – life is short, so live life!

One thought on “Getting on
  • abuChak says:

    Jaymie, who’s looking after Nam?? YOu taking him over to belgium?? U take care, looks like you’ve been having fun..

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