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Moodz : Asian Driving Style

Imagine an asian driving in busy Brussels.

The roads are so narrow and there are many loading and unloading trucks standing in the way. So I had a tough time manouvering myself around, keeping in mind that now I am sitting on the left side and that junctions are not how it used to be.

After a while driving in the craziness of the morning hour, I lost myself. In fact, I just kept going and going and finally realised that I am going in the wrong direction.

But I kept going because I did not know how or where to make a u-turn.

Then I did the asian thingy – went up the tram lanes, cut across, held up my hands with a big smile and stopped the next car coming along.

And so I got my u-turn and arrived in a piece to my workplace.

On top of that, every moment I was also praying that I will not stall (mati engin) the car – malu la!!! :-S

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