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Moodz : Welkom to Belgie

Leaving on a jet plane…

Me been missing? Yea, am on a holiday!

No, in fact, everything has been great so far except for a couple of hiccups. First thing is that my charger for my mobile phone is broken (it didnt survive the long flight!) and the wireless router at my home was acting stubborn for the first couple of days.

So, that explained my disconnection from the world for the first 3 days.

Apart from my missing luggage (and found 6 hours later) and broken window and stolen GPS from our car and the unstoppable rain, otherwise, it was a good welcome to cold cold Belgium, the heart of Europe.

I’ve begun to like my new home, the art donning of layers and layers of summer clothes to shield the chilly wind, got use to wearing shoes indoors, eating cheese and sitting on stingy cold toilet seat. (I should get a heated and multi-function one from Japan – with the powder option, aha) Ah, and also responding to people speaking to me in Flemish.

Went to the town hall to get meself registered and thruout the entire process, the lady refused to speak to me in English. I still think she understands english though. But anyway, I managed somehow… using my telepathy skills hahaha.

Admist all this, I can already imagine a beautiful summer coming up. I see flowers sprouting at every corners at gardens of homes, flowers on trees along the highway with unusual shapes and colors, beaming faces of people when the sun appears for a tempting moment and a vast sky view which I longed to see it in an entire bluishness.

Ma new home!

The Hall to laze.

The TV to stare.

Eating eating eating.

Not my cup of tea. But I’ll try some chinese dishes soon.

First drink – Welcome Jaymy to Belgium :)

2 thoughts on “Moodz : Welkom to Belgie
  • MamboStevie says:

    looks like a great place to live in!!! hope better days r on ya way yeah

  • SuLee says:

    oh gosh is that a presidential suite or something?

    hv a good start, gotto watch out on those evil evil yummy food!! haha

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