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Books : Night & World Is Flat

Books again!

1) Night

Author : Elie Wiesel

I am half way through the book and it is really a captivating but disturbing read. It is indeed important for us to know the other extreme opposite of humanity that could be inherent in us depending on choices and consciences.

2) The World Is Flat

Author : Thomas L. Friedman

I have not started on it yet. Bought this book because it is the bestseller now. I am really quite a sucker for these marketing antics. But wait, let me have a read and we shall know.

Well, on the second reason that spurred me to buy this book cuz I really thought I should read it. Its about Globalisation. And I think I will soon be zaboomed in a way into globalisation with my moving.

Well, it could also be just an excuse to fill up my bookcase with intelligent looking books or to give me more ideas so that I can continue my charade to converse intelligently like an adult.

I can’t help to suspect that I am always a 18-year-old, unfortunately trapped in a growing and aging body.

Still as contradictory as ever…

And damn, I can’t find the picture of the bookcover to beautify my blog.

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