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Moodz : Bonus

Mood : Pensive
It was disspointment-turned-anger-turned-pensive mood.

I guess I am not a person who stays angry for long. Quick tempered, I call it. But being a scorpio, I remember 😉

There was an expectation set and when the expectation was not met, dissapointment fills up the gap. Anyway, for today’s dissapointment, the expectation = REWARD.

Well, what pisses me off is that I have to justify for my own reward! Which is silly la – in my view because I am hired for a purpose so I should spend my time fulfilling that purpose. Not justifying reward for purpose I fulfilled last year.

My working principles : I work with strong commitment and utmost dedication to fulfil and deliver my purpose – be indispensable! (I work and live to that!). And I trust completely that the reciprocal effect should come naturally – REWARDS!

Law of cause and effect!

Well, well, could it be of my naiveness? It doesn’t seems to work this way in the corporate world unfortunately.

But I want to believe that the working way of life is the same as for personal, corporate, society etc. Meaning law of cause and effect is invariable, even in this big bad world.

I am torn now. Admist the dissapointment, a part of me refused to keep functioning – other part reminded me to be objective.

So, I thought I’ll take a break now and write my thoughts. Maybe someone out there can give me some enlightening encouragement???

One thought on “Moodz : Bonus
  • MamboStevie says:

    woah..sound like u really have a tough day.. rewards and death.. fighting for rewards coz u deserve it.. i dunno man but i suppose everyone does tat.. maybe i m a simple person.. watever will come, then accept..take it naturally..

    we all r paid to work.. and giving full commitment n doing ya best in work, of coz we hope to get more rewards from there.. even if u dun get, i suppose frm the commitment, u earn some experience and new friendship and satisfaction of ya completion..so u know.. see it in another angle.. i suppose ya hard work..will be recognise someday.. juz need the right time, person, place..and abit of luck..

    death.. interesting.. nv know wat will happen tml is true to me..tats why, u gotta live till the fullness everyday (but getting drunk doesnt mean happy)..quick tempered sounds good as u wun be grumbling over those unhappy things tat happened..i suppose quick tempered is better than no temper like me.. at least u can frustrate it out..

    dun take this as encouragement.. haha.. dunno if it works..but juz type wat ever crosses my thoughts..

    LIVE and ENJOY EVERYDAY @ THE FULLNESS n Happily!!.. Let the nature flows.. Jia You OK??

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