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Moodz : Beginning or Ending?

Recently, I had a very deep conversation with my best buds. It kept me thinking for many nights. It drained me out quite a bit.

Nevertheless, it was worthwhile.

Is it the matter of the beginning or the journey towards the ending?
Is there a beginning or ending at all?

Death. It is inevitable to all. As much as we would like to be in denial, to hope for eternal mortality, to not think about it – someday we will perish.

It could be tomorrow for me. Or in 5 years. Or in 10 years. Or perhaps when I am 80 years old.

The journey of life for everyone is different. We encounter different obstacles – literally, rivers to cross, mountains to climb, ocean to sail – at all different points in our lives.

At certain point, we may meet the most impossible mountain to climb. Not knowing if we can survive the climb. We slog on, we climb on – hoping to survive the climb.

What if at the other side of the mountain is a desert? One will certainly suffer from exhaustion and dehydration.

In this case, do we define the other side of the mountain the beginning of life? Or ending?

Perhaps – instead draggin our feet thru the darkness, feeling the pain, sadness, despair… We could re-channel our energies?

As we climb the magnimous mountain – we could pick some flowers along the way, enjoy the passing breeze, lose our breath to the spectacular view, sing some songs aloud, laugh a million laughters, dance with our friends, do a jiggy when no ones lookin…???

That is living, isn’t it.

Because who knows what lies for us tomorrow.

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