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Moodz : Time awaits for no one

Ma days have been passing so fast!

Been really busy! Projects, travelling, meetings, reports, visa application, cleaning, packing, reading, laundry, airport, laundry, airport etc :S

Didnt have time to take breather! I know I should!!!

Nevertheless, am really looking forward to this weekend. Its a long weekend! And I am off to Phuket (hols) and then KL (hols). And then Sri Lanka (work!)… :(

Just managed to post up the very little pics I took in Bangladesh.

Was in Bali last week for work too. But Bali is amazing! It captured my heart even for the very short trip I had. Its a land bursting with culture! I make a little post after receiving the other pics from Anita!

Remember, live every moments of our lives!

** She gives herself a knock to remember. She takes a deep breath and look far beyond the scenic view from her desk…

One thought on “Moodz : Time awaits for no one
  • doesntmatterla says:

    Came across your blog by chance and read your posts. Have you been picking up new habits since you left A*C? Sounds fun…keep it that way!

    For the photographer in you:

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