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Moodz : Homecoming

Yup, I went home especially to watch The Homecoming. Because my best bud, Ian was starring in it 😉

Firstly, Sentul West is absolutely beautiful. Especially in the nights, the ambience was great – silhouette of trees whishing in the night breeze across the walls of old buildings.

And the play was very good! I would say it suprised me a lot and made me very proud of our very own talents in my home country! Way to go, guys!

And of course, Pinter’s work worked well into my mind. My mind didn’t stop postmortem-ing the play, well up to now. Its just so intriguing and I kept on wondering of the past and the future of each the characters.

Nevertheless, the cast did a good job, lotsa efforts put in and I was glued (100% span of attention) to the entire show, trying to absorb every little words, actions, gesture and even the twitching of the mouths.

Afterthat, we went for quick dinner… See, we started on the beers even before the play!

And chilled out at La Bodega.

Joey, The Boxer @ The Homecoming

Mun, the story teller. I was concentrating more on fishing out the apple strips from the white Sangria, so couldn’t remember the story hehehe…

Listening very attentively!

An outburst! I guess, it should be funny :S

Moi girls!

Oh, this I remembered cuz it was a very cold lame trick :)- Can money fly?

Then ring ring and she picks up. Rather irrelevant at all! I guess, the drinks worked us all up for a good laugh!

Except Daniel, who looked really puzzled!

Ah, sweeties!

All in all for the night!

Also, visited Alvin and had an adhoc kueh-mueh party (didn’t stop eating entire weekend!). Kimmie is such a lovable bouncy furball!

Oh yea, am sure gonna miss this view from me work desk!

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  • Mambo Stevie says:

    Really nice pics of bangladesh…got scenery and the faces of them.. nice nice.. envy u got such a great view @ work desk.. take care and happy easter day!!

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