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Moodz : bière?

Been reading the blogs of others in the cyberworld. I think think ma blog is really boring! Hehehe.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t benchmark meself to other!

But anyway, aside from the roller-coaster (the ride is on auto-mode for now), and as my knee is almost perfect again – its PARTY TIME!

In fact, started of this week with a nice cool kilkenny at Harry’s last night. And then with OD (overdose) of Singapore hawker food at the Esplanade. It was a fantastic meal and its been a while since I’ve been a real glutton… ahehe…

Lined up for tis week – Thu @ Siam and MoS to groove into the weekend.

Anyone up for a bière?

One thought on “Moodz : bière?
  • Mambostevie says:

    glad to know ya feeling better and ya knee is ok..hahaa.. i have seen real bored blog.. yours not bored after all.. upzz for MOS..

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