I've got the sun in my eyes


Moodz : What will be, will be…

Last couple of days has been rather a roller coaster ride in me – euphoria and melancholy. I guess, its fine line between the 2 state.

Nevertheless, most of ma frens wishes me well, giving much encouragements but there are those who painted the worst scenarios. And some even nasty remarks :( Sometimes I do really wonder what lies in the real hearts of humans. I would like to believe it is always and pure goodness that we are all born with.

I tried to ignore the words from the dark hearteds but somehow, the words just kept reprinting in my mind. Its like a curse set on me. BUT I WILL NOT let these external negativities come in between my life journey.

I guess, these are just part and parcle of life that help to make us stronger and develop deeper convictions to fulfil our own missions.

I keep looking forward, focusing on my objectives. And keep chanting…
I grit on my teeth and trust meself!

“I will, I can, I must”

No matter what happens, everything happens for a reason!

I am imagining myself stepping into a huge big wild jungle. So many unknowns. But I found a stream! I know as along I keep to the path by the stream, I will reach finally the right destination – the faraway land where chocolates grow on trees and white wine flows endlessly down the river 😉

Just an illustration la! I know that as long as I keep chanting, my life will flow in the right direction, in the flow of the mystic law. That is faith!

Of course nothing comes easy, I’ll still have to walk thru the difficult paths in the jungle – under hot sun, torns of the bushes, wild animals, pebbles and stones, blisters and… grrrr…

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